EM 2019 Rotterdam

One Championship – many firsts

Rotterdam was so far the largest competition that For President and I took part in and the first European Chanpionship for both of us. Additionally, I was the first Slovak at a European Championship. Apart from all these superlatives Rotterdam was quite something and a great experience for us.

The many people and many cameras were a little bit intimidating for Presi. After all, he hadn't known anything like that before. During the competition he was well-behaved and focussed, nevertheless very reserved. I could not hold this against him, because shortly before entering the arena, I was suddenly very nervous. Naturally, Presi noticied this and reacted accordingly. Despite it all we reached 48th place in the Grand Prix with a score of 67,593 – and we can be more than pleased with this result.

What makes me especially happy: the judges remarked on the special harmony between For President and me. They wrote about the nice friendship between us and called For President a "very willing, correct horse which is ridden in a very classical way". And at the next big championship we won't be so intimidated by the many cameras any more!